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Terms of use

Our website, property of the private company under the corporate name “AUMSHILA SINGLE-MEMBER P.C.” (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), offers its information and services under the present detailed terms of use. Each user is requested to read the following terms of use before using the Company’s services. The user should not use the website, if he/she does not agree with said terms, but should communicate to the Company any comments, in order for the latter to be examined in the spirit of good faith and fair trade practices.    

1. Introduction

The Company offers to the website’s users several information pertaining to the services it provides and their terms, as well as advertisements. It also allows the users to communicate with the Company, by means of entering their personal details in a communication form, in order to submit their requests, complaints, views etc. All the existing services, as well as any new services that may be added to the website in the future, are governed by these terms of use. 

2. Terms of Registration & User’s Obligations

The user of the website is informed about all the services that the Company provides and how the user may receive said services. If the user wishes to enter his/her personal details in the communication form, which is available via the website, in order to express a request, complaint, report etc., he/she should enter his/her true, full and current personal details, as required by the website, so as to receive a reply. 

The user of the website’s services, fully and undeniably accepts that all the information/ services of the website are provided “as is” and the Company bears no responsibility regarding the limited time, the accuracy of the information, the erasure, the poor operation, inability to electronically store user’s data, as well as any damage that may occur as result of the website’s use. The use of the website is governed by Greek Law, which is binding for each user, and the latter is obligated to comply with it. Furthermore, the user must use the website’s content and services according to the Greek legislation, the principles of morality and these terms and abstain from any action, which may offend other users or create problems to the proper operation of the website. 

Furthermore, the user must be 18 years or above. In any other event, you should not access our website and use our services and, accordingly, the Company bears no responsibility for said use. If you are the parent or guardian of a minor, who uses the website, you have full responsibility for said use, including any financial obligations arising therefrom. 

3. Limitation of Company’s Liability

Company makes any possible effort to ensure that the website’s services are provided without interruption and free from any technical errors. Furthermore, Company has implemented all appropriate technical and organisational measures, which are required and which the Company is obliged to implement under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, in order to secure the users’ personal data. 

Nevertheless, the Company is not liable in the event that, for any reason, including a case of negligence, the website’s operation is suspended or the access to the website becomes difficult or impossible or if, despite the implemented security measures, “viruses” or other malicious software is traced and transmitted to the users’ terminals or if third unauthorised persons (hackers) interfere with the content or the operation of the website and render its use difficult or create problems in its operation. 

The Company reserves the exclusive right, which the user unconditionally accepts, to permanently or temporarily suspend the website’s operation with or without a prior notice to users. 

4. Exclusion Of Liability For The Provided Information

The content and the information, which is contained in the website and pertains to the company’s services, originate from the Company. On the contrary, the Company is not in any way liable for the content of the advertisements, which are posted on the website, or the communication of a user with third parties who are advertised on the website. Furthermore, the Company is not liable for any matter that may arise, if a user enters into a commercial transaction of any nature with an advertised third party. The advertisements, which are posted on the website, cannot in any way be deemed as advice nor do they imply that the Company encourages specific actions or the preference of a certain advertised product. Therefore, each user uses the provided services/information of the website on his/her own exclusive initiative.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual property rights on the content and services of the website, including indicatively texts, pictures, designs, commercial and financial data, programmes, any type of archives, trademarks/logos, are protected under the Greek, EU and international intellectual property rules and are exclusively a property of the Company; they are made available to the users strictly for personal information purposes. 

The Company, always within the limits of good faith and fair trade practices, makes any reasonable effort, in order to ensure that the content and the information available on the website is as accurate, comprehensive and true as possible. Moreover, it is prohibited to copy, distribute, transfer, alter, sell, produce derivative work or mislead the public regarding the true provider of the website’s content. Any reproduction, republishing, uploading, announcement, transmission or any other use of the website’s content, in any way or by any means, for commercial or other purposes, is permitted only upon a prior written permission by the Company or any other beneficiary of the intellectual property. In any other case, the above actions may constitute an infringement of the Company’s intellectual property rights; the Company reserves the right to claim any positive and consequential damage it suffered, pursuant to the provisions of the legislation in force.  

The website’s user acknowledges and agrees that the Company is entitled to commercially exploit (itself or through a third party) the entire content available on the website. 

6. Personal Data 

We attach great importance to the protection of the personal data of our website’s users. This is why we have undertaken all necessary actions, in order to comply with all the personal data protection rules. We process “personal data” pursuant to the Company’s PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY POLICY, as well as pursuant to the European legislation and any other applicable legislation in relation to the record keeping, processing, access and transfer of personal data. The website, where the above mentioned PRIVACY POLICY is always available, and which requests any information, collects, retains and safeguards said personal information, pursuant to the terms and conditions mentioned in the Policy in detail, as well as pursuant to the legislation in force and the applicable regulations and directives. Said policy is applied in personal information (as defined below), which is collected by this website.

We only collect personal data that concern you, if you opt to provide them to us by filling out the communication form and only in your own initiative, if you wish to submit a request, complaint, opinion, query etc. to our company. We do not share any personal data with third parties for their own commercial benefit, unless you have explicitly provided a relevant permission. Please study these terms as well as the PRIVACY POLICY, in order to learn more on how we collect, use, share and protect the information on the internet.  

Collected information

Your options


Hyperlinks to other websites

Minors’ Privacy Statement

Additional information on our websites

How to communicate with the Company

Automatically collected Information 

Collected information

Personal Information: You may visit our website without providing us with any personal information, in order to exclusively be informed pertaining to the company and the services it offers. We may only collect your individually identifying information (such as name, surname, email and email content), only if you choose to provide it to us. 

Aggregate information: In some occasions, we also remove the individually identifying information from the data that you have provided us with and retain them in an aggregate form. We may also combine these data with other information, in order to produce anonymous, aggregate statistical data (for example the number of complaints etc.), which help us improve our products and services.  

Your options

You may decide that you do not wish to send any individually identifying information, by not entering said details in any website field and not using an available identifying service, if any. If you opt to submit personal data, you have the right to review and rectify or even erase said data at any time, by accessing your application. If you select specific uses or communications, for example receiving electronic newsletters, you may terminate your registration at any time, by following the instructions mentioned in every communication. Should you decide to terminate your registration with any service or communication, we will ensure that your data will be removed without undue delay, although we may require additional information before satisfying your request.    


Our Company uses technology, security measures, rules and other procedures, in order to protect your personal data against any unauthorised access, misuse, notification, loss or destruction. In order to secure the privacy of your data, our Company also uses firewalls and protection programmes, according to the international standards of the market. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to ensure that the computer that you use is sufficiently safe and protected against malicious software, such as Trojan, viruses etc. You should be aware that without sufficient security measures (e.g. safe browser setting, updated software against viruses, efficient firewall, not using software from dubious sources, etc.), there is a risk that your data, as well as the passwords that you use to protect access to your data, will be communicated to unauthorised persons.

Hyperlinks to other websites

Our website may include hyperlinks to a number of websites, which may contain useful information for our website users or may be useful for the operation of our company. These terms relating to privacy do not apply to said websites; therefore, we recommend that you become acquainted with their privacy policy.

Minors’ privacy statement

Our website is addressed to adults. We do not collect individually identifying information about any person that, to our knowledge, is under the age of 18. The person exercising parental responsibility has the right, upon request, to be informed about the details provided by the minor and/or demand their erasure.  

Update of the privacy statement

The Company may from time to time review the content of the statement for the protection of the personal data on the website. Said amendments shall be available on this webpage without delay. The continuous use of our website shall constitute a declaration of your consent for the use of its updated features.

How to communicate with the Company

For any queries or if you wish the Company to amend your profile, please contact us in writing at the following email address:  [email protected], or by calling us at 21……………. or by post at the company’s head office: 10 Mantzarou street, Athens, Greece.

7. Automatically collected Information and Cookies

We do not automatically collect information via our webpage and we do not use cookies and other automated technologies. 

8. Governing Law – Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by Greek Law. The Courts of Athens, Greece shall have jurisdiction for the purpose of any dispute that may arise in connection with the operation and use of the website, if said dispute cannot be amicably resolved. Any dispute relating to the interpretation and the implementation of these terms and conditions, as well as any other matter in connection with the use of this website, shall be governed by Greek Law.

9. Other Terms

The personal data protection is governed by the principles of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and the relevant national law that implements it. 

In the event that any of the above terms is rendered incompatible to the legislation in force, it automatically becomes invalid, without in any way affecting the validity of the remaining terms. The Company may enter into an agreement to assign its obligations to a appropriate third person. Any notice should be made in writing and delivered in person or by post. 

The foregoing terms constitute the entire agreement with the Company, which reserves the right to amend or update or erase all the terms herein, without any notice. The amendment or review shall become effective after this document is updated regarding any change. 

November 2019

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