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Shila is an ethereal late 1920s residence in the heart of Athens, which brings new meaning and inspiration to the concept of the boutique hotel.  A place to feel indulged and at home, and yet at the same time, to experience an otherworldly realm of elegance and sensuality. 

Combining elements of the bygone and the contemporary– and reminiscent of a hotel particulier – this neoclassical house comprises of six distinctively designed suites, each unique in character, with a unifying element of simplicity and sexy charm.

Shila features a lush courtyard, a tranquil rooftop, lounging areas and reading nooks, ideally suited for social gatherings, art happenings and private events. With a focus on creative collaborations, we offer the ultimate curated experience of the culinary, art, design, and indulgent self-care. An invitation to experience an organic way of hospitality, in which Shila stands as a magnetic universe of its own.

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Combining original architectural features with raw textures, custom-made and antique furnishings, each corner of Shila has been nurtured to reveal the true character of the neoclassical building. The use of natural materials such as marble and stone combined with metal structures, locally milled wood, and vintage fabrics evoke a timeless aesthetic, and above all comfort.


The rare selection of furniture that dress Shila was sourced from a Greek family run wood-making enterprise, dating back to the 1920s till the turn of the century. The family also worked with a stunning line of vintage fabrics from the world over, for upholstering. The legacy of these materials remain untouched and frame Shila’s interiors, contributing to its beautiful and mysterious atmosphere.  

Stepping into Shila today is akin to entering a narrative, which sweeps you away into lush scenographies of the senses.

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Shila is centrally located in the fashionable neighbourhood of Kolonaki.

Its specific context, nestled in a quiet pedestrian street, evokes a sense of secluded luxury and refuge from the exciting buzz of Athenian inner-city life. 

While Kolonaki is the bustling cosmopolitan hub of architecture, haute couture, art, poetry, and literature, it is also home to many business firms adding to the area a professional feel.


Adjacent to the breathtaking Mount Lycabettus and with its assortment of culinary and nightlife spots, not to mention the museums and historical monuments – Kolonaki is truly a favourite neighbourhood to experience Athens like a local.

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At Shila, we are invested in an intuitive form of hospitality where privacy is naturally respected and where services are bespoke. Our commitment to making your stay in Athens a memorable one begins with the pre-arrival communication, and continues beyond your stay. 

Concierge hours run from 07.30 till 23.30. To request  24h concierge service or any form of custom  request, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs with  prior notice. Please send us an email at least 24hrs prior to arriving at

We take breakfast very seriously and as such have carefully selected local ingredients and artisanal baked goods which are served in the comfort of your suite. 

We’ve journeyed around Greece building partnerships with the finest artisanal suppliers of food, drink, botanicals, linen, and more, working with them to produce exclusive to Shila products that are available to test out and purchase in the hotel. 

Read more on our cherished partners here.

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Our philosophy

Established in 1995, AUM is a NY-based real estate development company with inexhaustible imagination and a deep respect for space. As a diverse group of creatives, our shared values have been deeply infused in fine design, craftsmanship and ingenuity that make up Shila.


Defying categorisation, we are driven by a desire to convert properties into sensual urban experiences, drawing inspiration from original architectural elements and natural materials. With every unique creation, we aim to elevate the concept of home through sophisticated simplicity, balanced aesthetics and a timeless blend of past and present. In 2021 we will be launching MONA, our second hospitality project in the center of Athens. Watch this space.

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The inspiration

Shila, like its Sanskrit namesake (शील) suggests, is a woman of character.

Drawing from the building’s alluring details – the original terrazzo floors, high ceilings, and wild garden oozing old Athenian charm – a place beyond a hotel is envisioned; the home and atelier of an enigmatic muse, Shila.


“…all of us would gather in Shila’s dimly lit salon or rooftop terrace seeking bonds of fraternity and intimacy. Together we fashioned histories. We spun wild tales. We explored fantasies. We told lies and our deepest truths. We laughed and cried and fought bitterly and then drank to each other’s health and made love on fine cotton sheets. We were alive. But we were passing through. Shila. Shila was immortal. She would listen to our tales with that hand on her hip and that half smile on her face and say, “oh that reminds me of the time….” and into her history we would fall.How one so light of foot could hold such presence, I will never know. To this day I have no idea how old she was. Shila was timeless. Beautiful and pure, yet ancient and accomplished. Barefoot, with brown loose hair, she would dance from room to room as if holding court. Greeting each as an old friend, even if it was our first acquaintance. She knew how we took our whiskey, could serve our favorite mid-winter meal, and was masterful at guiding conversation between guests who barely spoke a common tongue. “I run an open house,” she would say. “For my dearest friends.”

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