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Our collaborations at SHILA.

We hope you will enjoy our range of hand-picked products, made with love by passionate producers in their respective field.

For purchases and gift packs, please inquire at the front desk, or email us here.

Believe in coffee

Our coffee beans come from the El Palto cooperative in the Amazonas region of Northern Peru. There, 1,700 metres above sea level, all eight brothers of the Carranza family are led by their father in the harvest of this special coffee.

It is through our collaboration with ANANA COFFEE, an Athens-based brand on a mission to share some of the world’s finest single-origin coffees, that we bring this taste to you.

Each selected origin scores over 84 out of 100 at the official Specialty Coffee Association of America Cupping Form.

Heather Honey

Our honey comes from the remote, magical island of Kimolos, which rests just north of beautiful Milos, the southwesternmost island of the Cyclades group.

This antioxidant honey is produced from the wild, native Lavender of Stoechas Variety (Lavandula Stoechas), dominant during spring amongst the island’s flora. When it rains enough in autumn, Heather (Erica manipuliflora) succeeds Lavender, offering a second harvest: Heather honey.

Collected with great care and devotion by our producers, Dimitri Piobis and Giannis Ragousis.

Messolonghi fields: gourmet sea salt

Produced by the same family, our Gourmet Sea Salt crystals come from the magical Messolongi lagoons. Collected from a NATURA protected wetland and dried naturally in the wind and sun, the sea salt crystals are of the highest purity, rich in beneficial minerals. Mixed with dried Greek seasonings, this is a gourmet taste of real Greece.

Messolonghi fields: extra virgin olive oil

Messolongi Fields is a family-owned olive press that has been producing its revered organic olive oil since the 1920s.

With their assistance we selected a unique cold-pressed blend of two high-quality local cultivars: Koutsourelia and Koroneiki, to bring you a naturally clear, aromatic, fruity, superior extra virgin olive oil.

Finest hand-made delicacies

Kleopatra is a micro-producer with a passion for infusing her cooking with the finest ingredients from all over Greece. Behind each of her individual recipes lies a story, often going back generations.

All of Kleopatra’s delicacies available at Shila are fresh and seasonal. Ingredients are picked at the moment they are bursting with flavour, having been left to ripen in the Greek sunshine.

Organic Greek chocolate

Kakau Worship was created when two curious Greek minds discovered South America’s rich cocoa culture. After years of observation, the two self-taught producers returned to Greece to create homemade chocolates with a fair-trade philosophy.

Established in 2018, their award-winning Athens-based laboratory specializes in cocoa processing and chocolate production from organic cocoa beans. The entire production process, from roasting to eco-packaging, is carried out exclusively by the Greek company.

Hand-made mattress

The healing properties of olive oil are deeply rooted in the history of the Mediterranean, and to this day continue to form the foundation of many of our proudest exports.

Candia’s pioneering handmade mattresses are a standout example. The only company that processes its fabrics with olive oil, Candia uses the finest raw materials and time-honored techniques to bring you a 100% natural mattress
free from glue or chemical substitutes.
With thousands of springs to fit the shape of every body, Candia mattresses welcome you into nights of uniquely restorative sleep.

Linen & towels

For your sheets and towels we invited leading Greek linen company ANEMOS to create a timeless line reminiscent of old Athenian charm.

ANEMOS has been designing and producing its collections since 1996, selecting the best raw materials from Greece to bring you 100% cotton textiles and towels for your stay.

Lavender & Basil for Shila

Inspired by Greek nature and Mediterranean biodiversity, we collaborated with AEGLI-PREMIUM ORGANICS to create a personalized body care range exclusive
to Shila.

Encapsulating the softness of Mediterranean lavender and the freshness of Greek basil, these four natural products gently treat your skin.

All products are dermatologically tested, contain no synthetic fragrances or genetically modified ingredients, and are free from animal testing. Vegan friendly, gluten free, PREGNANCY APPROVED.

Shila signature bathrobes

A Medditeranean take on the kimono made from 100% linen materials, the signature Shila robe becomes a homewear classic. Should you wish to purchase your own, please send a note.